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Locksmith FAQ's and Common Vocabulary

As a station that provides Automotive Locksmith Services, there are many questions we get asked about it. Here are some frequently asked questions we often get.

1) How much is it to get a key?

Every vehicle is different, so with this question we always ask that you call or stop by. When calling, have your year, make, model, and even the VIN handy, and from there we can get you info such as price, time frame, and whether we have the key or need to order one.

2) How long does it take for a key to make a key?

Between programing and cutting keys and fobs, the time can vary, but typically takes up to an hour to complete. You're welcome to drop off your vehicle(always appreciated!), or wait around while we complete the service.

3)Are you guys mobile/ do you do service calls and lockouts?

We are mobile, so don't fret if you get your keys locked in your vehicle, or need a key made at your location.

4) I've lost all my keys, what do I do?

First step is to call us with any "All Keys Lost" scenarios. When calling, we will ask for info such as year, make, model and VIN, where the vehicle is located, what kind of key/what buttons you have on the remote, etc. It helps if you can have this info ready when calling, and we can give you a price and provide the service much faster.

5) I'd like a key made, what all do you need from me?

Excellent question! When making a key or fob for your vehicle, we need at least one of your working keys or fobs(preferably all keys if you have multiple!), and the vehicle itself. That's it!

As always, when in doubt, don't be afraid to call us at 636-447-9410 or 636-922-9154, or stop in and we will take care of you and your key needs!

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It depends what type of key you are looking whether it's normal or key fob. Also, it also depends upon a locksmith company because their rates differ from one another;

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