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Winter To-Do's

Winter has officially arrived this weekend, and winter storms aren't too far off. Lets go over some tips and tricks to keep you and your vehicle safe this winter, and make it as pain-free as it can be.

1) Check your tires!

Between the tread(the rubber that touches the road) and the air, you want to make sure you have a good set of tires on your vehicle. Having tires with low tread can be extremely dangerous, making it easier to slide on patches of ice and snow, and possibly causing an accident. Save yourself the stress and get a new set on your vehicle before the snow hits. And with a variety of brands, we can find a tire who's price and style works for you. If you know your tire size, just give us a call, or stop by and we can help.

While we're checking the tires, let's make sure they're filled to the correct pressure inside! In cold temperature's, the air in tires can fluctuate in volume, and may or may not cause a tire light on the dash. Here at Conoco, we have free air, with a gauge right on the hose, for your convenience, just ask one of our attendants where it is. And if you struggle with your tire light coming on throughout the winter, it's always a good idea to fill the tires up with Nitrogen. Pure Nitrogen is less likely to fluctuate in pressure as air, and is a service we conveniently provide.

2)Make a Winter Prep Kit for your vehicle!

With the winter storms coming in, its always a possibility you may get stuck or stranded. Making a Prep or emergency kit can help keep you safe and comfortable while waiting for help to arrive or the weather to ease up. What you put in your kit is up to you, but some things we recommend are: an ice scraper, a blanket, an extra coat and gloves, a first aid kit, a flashlight, water, a snack, jumper cables, tire-changing equipment, a spare tire, a phone charger, etc.

3) Test your starting system!

Cold temperatures can affect many different systems in your vehicle, and your starting system is one of them. From your battery, starter, and alternator, if anything is testing at or below the minimum for your vehicle, it could leave you stranded at home, or even on the road. Here at Conoco we can test your starting system and make sure you avoid those situations.

4)Keep your gas tank half full at all times or completely full if the vehicle sits for long periods of time!

Not only does is it annoying running out of gas, but you want to make sure you keep your gas tank AT LEAST halfway full in the winter. Moisture will build up in your tank if there is a lot of empty space. This moisture dilutes the fuel and puts stress on your car's fuel pump and other parts. The stress on your vehicle becomes even worse if the moisture in your tank freezes. Less moisture will build up in your tank the more fuel you keep in it.

5)Check your brakes!

Yet another thing that's important for keeping you safe, its important to make sure your brakes are in good working order. The salt and moisture on the roads during the winter can cause rust on your brake components. Making sure that your brake components are functioning properly and rust free is imperative to staying safe when stopping your vehicle.

6)Check your fluids!

Checking all your fluids should be something you or your mechanic does all year. Your fluids help keep your vehicle at top performance. If your fluids are discolored, thick, or have debris, it is important that the fluid is flushed. These fluids include: engine oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, windshield wiper fluid, power steering fluid, transfer case fluid, and front/rear differential fluid.

7)Check your windshield wiper blades!

Wiper blades are cheap and get damaged easily during the winter. With ice or snow on your windshield, wipers wear quickly. When your wipers freeze to the windshield, it can cause them to break. Come to Cave Springs Conoco and we can replace your wipers quick and easy!

8)Check all your lights!

As with any time of the year, the lights on your vehicle are important for your safety and the safety of other's on the road. From signaling to others when you change lanes, to seeing at night, many accidents can be avoided with working lights. If you've got a headlight or turn signal out, just come on in and we can get your lights all set for the winter.

Winter can be a not very fun time, and can even be dangerous if you don't take the necessary precautions. Follow this list and Follow these tips to help make getting through the winter months a little easier, and check out our locksmith blog for even more ways to prep for winter. If your ever unsure about something on your vehicle, stop by and we can do a full courtesy check(which we do for free with oil changes!), and don't hesitate to stop by or call us at 636-447-9410 with any questions!

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