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Car Key Security Guidelines


Safety is a top priority for many people, but a large amount of people do not take the necessary precautions when entering and exiting their vehicle. Cave Springs Conoco's Professional Automotive Locksmith always encourages people to keep their car keys handy when entering and exiting their vehicle. Digging through a purse or pockets looking for your keys leaves you vulnerable to possible carjackers, attackers, or kidnappers. It only takes a few seconds of searching for your key for an attacker to take advantage of your distractedness and make a move.

Instead of waiting till you get to your car door to look for your keys, pull your keys out before leaving your house, work, or the grocery store. This will allow you to be free of distractions and have a good awareness of suspicious people nearby. If you have any issues getting the locks to respond to your key, call Cave Springs Conoco right away, as we take pride in our ability to take care of all your automotive locksmith needs in a timely manner.


You should always lock your vehicle. Even if you only step out for a minute, you never know who could walk up to your vehicle. Keeping your vehicle locked at all times prevents strangers from entering or even stealing your vehicle. Also, it is a good idea to lock your vehicle once you get inside. This is a great recommendation if you plan to idle for several minutes before driving. An attacker could just as easily take your car while you are sitting in it vs. if you were inside the store.


Maintaining you key fob is important in order to ensure that you can get in and out of your vehicle safely without a key. This is especially important if you do not have a key that unlocks any of your doors. On some newer vehicles, the vehicle will tell you when the fob battery is low. On vehicles without a key fob battery warning, it could gradually malfunction or even stop working all together in an instant. Having key fob issues or need a door key? Call or stop in to Cave Springs Conoco.

Cave Springs Conoco has all your Automotive Locksmith needs! Call us today at 636-447-9410.

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It's important to use key fobs as it's not that easy to make its duplicate and therefore it will not easily be made by any burglar. So, ask locksmith to provide you new key fob in replace of the normal keys.

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