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Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you take appointments?

No. We are always first come first serve. Call ahead or stop in to see if we can get you in.

Do you have free air?

Yes. There is free air at the third bay door. Just pull up and grab the hose or ask for assistance.

Do you fill propane?

Yes. We fill and exchange propane tanks.

Do you sell diesel fuel?

No. We sell unleaded, plus, and premium gasoline.

Do you sell used tires?

Yes we sell both new and used tires. Used tires are limited.

Can you install tires that I purchase somewhere else?


How much is it to diagnose my Check Engine Light?

We charge 1 hour labor for CEL diagnoses, which is $120.

How much is it to diagnose a noise or fluid leak on my vehicle?

We charge a minimum diagnoses of a half hour labor, which is $60.

Do you cut residential keys?


Do you cut and program car keys?

Yes we have a large stock of OE keys. We have the ability to cut, program, and copy a key. Prices vary from vehicle to vehicle. Call us for a quote!

Do you sell alcohol or fountain drinks?


Do you have lottery?


Do you have bathrooms?

Yes. They are located on the side of the building facing the road. They are unlocked during open hours.

Can I bring my own parts for my vehicle?

Yes. There is no warranty when customer brings their own parts.

Do you have a dropbox to drop off a vehicle overnight?

Yes. There is a dropbox in between the first and second bay doors. There are also envelopes to place your key inside and write your information on.

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