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Let's talk tires

As we get into these colder winter months, driving conditions will be getting more dangerous as roads become icy. One thing we can do to be safe is make sure we have a good set of tires on your vehicle. Good tires will "grip" the road better and help prevent slipping and sliding on the icy streets. Think you might need some tires? Come on in and we'll look over your current set.

When it comes to tire wear, it can be confusing understanding some of the language used when describing it. Here are some basic terms and what they mean for you.

Worn on Edges

When we say tires are worn on the edges, it simply means its loosing tread on either the inside(closest to vehicle) or outside(farthest from vehicle) edge of the tire. When this happens, its usually due to a bad alignment or lack of rotating tires. The repair for this problem is replacing the tires, and an alignment.

Center Wear

This is when the tire looses tread in the middle, which is caused by over inflation. When airing up your own tires, make sure your putting the correct pressure in them. On most vehicles, the recommended pressure is on a sticker right inside the driver's door. If you can't find it, come on up and we' make sure your tires are at the correct air pressure.


When tires are cupped, it means the tread is wearing unevenly along the length of the tire. If you run your hand along it, the tread will almost feel wavy, like it dips down in some parts. This is caused by bad struts or shocks. It's recommended to replace the appropriate suspension parts, the tires, and do an alignment to fix this problem.

These are just some commonly used phrases here when describing your tire wear, but some places use different language. If you're still confused, have any questions, or just want your tires checked, come on by and we'll take care of you!

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