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Spring Checklist for your Vehicle

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

It's that time of the year again, weathers getting warmer, and days are getting longer. We all have those spring cleaning routines we do for the house, but what about your vehicle? Spring is the best time to clean up the mess winter has left us and get your vehicle ready for the summer. Here's some things that are a good idea to start out with.

  1. Wash your car! Its always a great idea to wash your car(either by yourself or send it through a wash) after winter. The snow/salt/grime that it collects through the cold months can really cause damage to your paint and finish.

  2. Wiper Blades! After being frozen to your windshield once or twice, and wiping over ice patches, your blades have probably seen better days. Stop by and get a fresh pair to prepare you for the spring rain.

  3. Check wiper fluid level! As well as your wiper blades, you've probably used quite a bit of fluid as well. Come by for a bottle of washer fluid, top off yours(we can help if you don't know where it is) and put the rest in the trunk for later.

  4. Check your oil! Spring is a great time for oil changes, and if you're coming up to your change date, or know it's been a while since you've had it done, bring up your vehicle and we'll change it for you(and get a free courtesy check while it's in!).

  5. Clean your floor mats! Your floor mats collect a lot of dirt and salt through the winter, and could benefit from a good scrubbing. If they're rubber, just hose them off and hit it with a scrubber brush, or if they're cloth, give it a good shake and vacuum.

  6. Check your tires! Winter can be rough on your tires, so its a good idea to check the air pressure and wear on them. Customers are always welcome to use our free air, and our lube techs can always check the tread wear on your tires, or even rotate and balance them if needed.

  7. Revisit your maintenance schedule! Spring is a great time to check out and get some required maintenance done on your vehicle. Not sure what is recommended? Stop by and talk to our service advisors, and we can get you prices on what you need.

Have any questions or want to knock some stuff off your list? Just stop by or give us a call and we can get you ready for spring.

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